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About us

Our Engineering- and Service-Company assists you on realisation of your ideas and plans on installation, modification or adjustments of your production plants in following areas:

polyurethan processing plants for
  district heating pipe production
  pipe sleeves insulation
  low pressure dispenser

steel plate transport systems as
  steel plate stacking plant
  steel plate stacks turning device

safety equipment as
  fences with moveable doors, gates

To perform these activities and further development of systems, we have taken over the know-how of the former company Siku, Selm.
Our activities comprise from engineering up to complete supply of plants and its components, installation, start-up and assistance for production.
Our main activities at the moment are mainly in countries as: Scandinavia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and United States.
To perform service on operating plants and because of our own positive experience we prefer to use local facilities and only special equipment as import. For supervision of local fabrication we supply supervisors service.